Our happy clients

We owe our success in leisure travel to our clients. Our journey so far has been eventful. We look forward to creating more memorable trips for you too. Do drop us an email for a customised vacation package with your preferred destination and travel dates. We will amke it happen..

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you. My family had a wonderful time on our Australia & NZ trip. The kids had a fantastic time at the amusement parks and seeing (and feeding) all the animals. Joe and I enjoyed seeing all the different sights and cities and most of all spending quality time with our family. It certainly was the trip of a lifetime. The trip was well planned and organized and we really appreciate all the work you put into it." Mrs. Kathleen , Toronto

"One thing we all dream about our vacations is to have a hassle free one. Planning can be very exhausting and making arrangements is even more. When our family decided to do a South India Temple tour a couple of years ago, I was going crazy trying to book hotels on the internet , not knowing how the hotel surroundings are. They all look good in photos but experience told us otherwise on many occasions. It was then that I recollected that one of my good facebook friends recommended Concept Voyages. I just spent 10-15 minutes talking to Varsha about our requirements, what we want to see and the minimum living arrangements during the stay. Being over enthusiastic, I was trying to cram in a lot more than a human can handle and Varsha was frank enough to ground me with her advice on what is physically possible and I totally appreciate that. Within a week she gave us a very attractive package which fit our budget and covered not only what we had asked for but also had an extra detour to a nearby popular tourist attraction that I was not aware of. She planned our travel such that we were not losing any time waiting at temples when they were closed. The highlight of the trip for my kids was the Sparsha resort and the entire family enjoyed the activities and ambiance at the resort. The best thing Varsha has done for us was to arrange a car that was very comfortable and above all a driver who was such a great team player and amicable. That made the trip all the more enjoyable. Varsha was always available for any support and was always just a phone call away any time of the day. Thank you Varsha for giving us wonderful memories!"" Mrs. Phanisri, California