Featured Vacation Offers

  • Adventure Down Under

    Australian Wonders

    Adventure Down Under. This is one holiday which keeps everyone in the family satisfied. Take our word for it.
  • Shopping in London and Paris

    London & Paris

    This one is for you girls who believe in retail therapy. La Vallée Village & Bicester Village is waiting for you. Go on live a little!
  • Mexican Delights-Need we say more?

    Mexican Delights

    Mexican delights and walking the path of Mayan civilization bundled into one. Need we say more. Indulge yourself just a bit!
  • Malaysia Truly Asia!

    Fareast Bonanza

    You will never have enough of Asia. Each time you visit, you will rediscover yourself. A wholesome vacation for the entire family.
  • Dubai City of Gold

    Dubai, city of Gold

    Visit Dubai, the city of gold and grandeur. Where else can you find the tallest building in the world and the entire world in an artificial island? Go Dubai!
  • Mount Pilatus in Switzerland

    Highlights of Europe

    A little bit of Paris, Mt Pilatus in Swiss, and then you are on in Venice and later soul searching in Vatican. We budled all this together for you.
  • Go Wild in Kenya

    Go wild in Kenya

    Watch the Big Five, shake hands with Maasai tribals, picnic at the foothill of Mt. Kilimanjaro, we packed it all well for you. Go wild!
  • Sri Lanka and Maldives

    Sunny side of life!

    We bundled Sri Lanka and Maldives togetherto take you a step closer to Nirvana. Are you ready to take a plunge? Join us on this tour.